I suffered from peripheral neuropathy, with sharp, jabbing, throbbing and burning pain in my legs. One session with Jion and all the symptoms disappeared for good. I realized that it was connected to my childhood trauma, 60 years ago. Being a doctor, it took me some time to trust the astonishing results.

Dr. O. Sharif (U.S.A.)

Jion helped me find my way

When I met Jion I was depressed and having a hard time dealing with my everyday life. I used to have horrible migraines once or more times a week. Jion was offering spiritual counseling that seemed to be what I was looking for. We started working together and I discovered a person with an incredible listening capacity and a big heart. Jion´s Method combines psychology, spiritual practice and body work. Jion knows by intuition how to combine them to get the better results. I started to open up slowly and could connect deeply to myself after only a few sessions. I was not afraid of my emotions anymore and could trust myself. Only after a few months my migraines disappeared and I started seeing life differently. Threw his own experience and his authenticity, Jion helped me find my way. Thank you so much.

N. Karam (Germany/France)

All in all, I’m starting to see this pattern of my behaviour,

 …where I often let people feel they can control me and that I often just “roll over” and apologise and take their “psychopath” behaviour because I put myself in this victim or prey position, but now that I’m getting better at identifying this behaviour i also feel i can stop it and try and set my boundaries and not let them affect me. As always, thank you for helping and listening and teaching, I am so incredibly grateful for all the help and insights i get from our talks. I hope/think you know and feel that. Thank you Jion.
Oh and also one more thing. What you said about that if I can’t hold space for myself and my feelings, how can hold space for others, that really helped me to think and to accept myself even more and to help me think about everything as well! So thank you for that too.

Julia (Swiss)

Hey Jion something strange is happening since our last appointment

My thoughts are reversing
I change my thoughts and now my reality changes completely
The hate is becoming love. Some guy just passed me paper so I can dry my hands, a woman opened me a building so I can protect myself for the rain
Thank you
I’m becoming more free

Gabriel (France)

Your extremely valuable work were the catalyst that made it all happen

There isn’t one single conversation we have without me learning at least one thing from you. Some of the most important achievements of my self discovery and spiritual development quest I have conquered through my work with you Jion: learning to face and overcome my weaknesses, facing and dissolving pain coming from the past and turning it into a fueling energy, making peace with myself by overcoming the guilt feeling, mindful breathing and breathing focused meditation and perhaps the highest blessing of all – living from the heart instead of mind. I know I was fully aware and prepared, but I also know that your extremely valuable work and experience were the catalyst that made it all happen. I am very grateful and will always whole heartedly recommend Jion´s Work.

O.Aitichson (England)


“It is a method that opens a door on spirituality and unity”

Jion and his coaching gave me the opportunity to become more aware of my evolutionary process. This is a way for me to take the distance on my daily life and to observe, accept and possibly change my unconscious mechanisms. This is an opportunity to become aware of myself and others, as well as work on my self-reliance, self-acceptance and my self-esteem. This type of individual work is a process in itself and comprises different phases that follow the rhythm of my life. It is a comprehensive approach that not only the psychological aspect, but actually create the link between the body, mind and heart. It is a method that opens a door on spirituality and unity. I can only recommend.

Miège Bérénice (France)


From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you Jion for everything you have helped me with. I could never dream that I would be in the place I am now, how far I have come, with your help. I will say thank you to you and the universe and myself, and continue to observe and experience and experiment.

Doris T.

Danke Jion,

Dass ich mit Dir so viel lernen konnte.
Unsere Begegnung hat mir ein größeres Stück dazu beigetragen, so zufrieden und frei zu werden, wie ich heute bin und werde. Danke für Deine Unterstützung.

Anne R. (Sweden)


Sehr geehrter Jion,
nochmals meinen herzlichen Dank dafür, dass Sie mich so gut auf meine Zahn-OP vorbereitet haben. Ich bin wesentlich ruhiger und entspannter in die Behandlung gegangen als sonst. Die Ansage des Zahnarztes, zum Ausatmen beim Spritze setzen hat auch bestens geklappt! Und meine Vorbehalte, was alles passieren könnte, habe ich durch Vertrauen in ihn und seine Arbeit ersetzt. Ich danke Ihnen, dass Sie mir diese Erfahrung ermöglicht haben!
Mit besten Grüßen,

Maria S. (Germany)


“Ohne Menschen wie Dich hätte ich den Weg aus der eigenen Hölle wohl nicht gefunden”

Ich möcht mich nochmals herzlich bei Dir bedanken, dass Du mir in einer sehr schweren Zeit, wo ich sehr verwirrt war, die Hand gereicht hast! Ohne Menschen wie Dich hätte ich den Weg aus der eigenen Hölle wohl nicht gefunden. Es hat sich seither vieles getan, viel Heilung ist geschehen, besonders in mir. Und immer wieder passieren kleinere und grössere Wunder. Dafür bin ich sehr dankbar. Was Du den Menschen mit Deiner Arbeit schenkst, mit Deinem Sein ist wundervoll! Und das mein ich ganz ohne Gesülze.

E. Christ (Bavaria)