Jion studied Gestalt-Therapy and Power Psychology in Germany. He developed his own Method, a combination between Gestalt-Therapy, Trans-personal Psychology, Trauma Therapy and Zen, which he uses and continuously evolves.

Jion Hibiite Blonstein 慈温(Unconditional-Love and Warmth) Hibiite 響いて (Sound-Reverberation), combines his 22 years expertise as a Zen-therapist focused on Trauma and as a life coach with the wisdom of a Zen master (Rōshi).

Jion also offers support during life’s transitions as a dying companion.
His work transcends borders, attracting a diverse group of students worldwide. Among them are accomplished professionals like therapists, teachers, artists, scientists, astronauts, programmers, athletes and leaders.

Jion’s path has been shaped by years spent as a Zen monk (Eigenji and Sogenji) in Japanese Zen monasteries. He brings this experience, along with his creative pursuits as an author (“Zen Therapy and Koans”), singer (“Bach and Zen”), and Butho dance teacher/performer, to his unique approach to Zen and Therapy.

On his ten-year journey through Japan, India, Nepal, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, USA and Israel, he met teachers of various spiritual directions. Some of Jion´s teachers, mentors and experiences in chronological order:

1993- Humanistic philosophy, model: Michel de Montaigne 1995- Dao Yoga Mantak Chia, 7 years martial arts (Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido, Iaido, Kyudo) 1996- Jungian Psychology 1997- Tibetan monastery near Berlin, Lama Dechen 1998 Zen Center Berlin, Zen Master Seung Sahn 1999- Soto Zen Monastery KoSanRyuMonJi in Strasbourg, Zen Master Reigen Wang-Genh (Soto Zen) 2004-2008- 4 years of continuous training in the Zen monastery as a monk in Japan with Zen Master Dai-Yu Roshi, (Eigenji-RINZAI Monastery, Japan), Zen Master Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi, (Rinzai-Zen Monastery), Zen Master So -Kan Daiosho Roshi, (Rinzai) 2010- India / Nepal: Mother-Theresa-Khalighad and Ghandis-Welfare-Center (Volunteer in Hospice and English Teacher for Streetchildren) Beginning of 2011- Zen Shiatsu training and energy work in Berlin. In late 2011, Jion received transmission and a license to teach Zen by So-Kan Daiosho Roshi in Japan, Kyoto.

An insight into my work

As a Zen-therapist, I first work with trauma, its imprints and shadows. Some traumata and imprints cannot be found in one’s own life. This includes transgenerational trauma. I also include the Jungian archetypes with shadow-work. As a coach, I look with you for a goal that you want to achieve. Goal-oriented work makes sense especially when you are currently involved in a project or a challenge. Coaching can also bring a lot of nonsense, especially when the motivation which drives you, consists of imprints, trauma, shadows, social constraints and beliefs and thereby falsifies your actual wishes.

As a Zen master, I teach you the art of devotion to your respective experience and life situation. You get to know yourself as something that is bigger than the little “self”.

Living and learning Zen in everyday life is the true Zen way. It is a path because no one has ever walked it except you. There is one direction that could be called right. But the way you go is different for every person. Zen therapeutic work is like a cup of good tea, a trip to a distant, remote country or climbing a mountain. There is no particular point in drinking tea or climbing a mountain. But that’s exactly why it’s so fulfilling. Together we take a journey into the subconscious; It sometimes starts with tears and slowly spreads into your everyday life with deep satisfaction and selfless-self-awareness.

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