The Biggest Mistake of Science, Religion and Spirituality

Science, Religion and Spirituality have one big Mistake in common. They all objectified God. Most of Science looks only for objects, so all it can find, are objects like particles, waves and fields.

Most of Religion looks for God as separate being or even a person, so many religious people can only see separation and differences.
Most of Spirituality looks only for Love, Energy, Emptiness and a personal experience of those three. So spiritual people often only experience their own Love, their own Energy and their own Emptiness.
The mistake is, we are like fish in the ocean, who forgot to take notice of the water around us.
The water which gave us life, and holds everything together and is alive, surrounding us within and without.
This ocean is not just water.
It is a living being, which is infinite and not separate from us at all.
We are part of it like a brain-cell is part of the brain.
Both are one, but not the same.
All things are brain cells of one brain.
All energy are impulses of one brain.
All life is an idea of one brain.
The emptiness, the energy, the love, all are just qualities of this one brain; the expression of a living, unity, field, being, god.
Everything we perceive is only possible within that field.
So, dear fish, open your eyes and see the water surrounding you. This field of awareness, with which you perceive everything.
This awareness is alive, it sees/hears/feels you and loves you and holds you, through your own eyes and your own body.
It is one with you, but IT is not you.
You are IT.
Born in Transnistria (U.D.S.S.R) Former Zen(Rinzai)-Monk (in Eigenji and Sogenji-Japan, Psycho-spiritual Counselor, Zen-Meditation-Master (Ikkyu Zen Dojo) , Singer, Improvisation-Dancer, Hospice-Counsellor, Children Counsellor, Writer.

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