Take the right Choice!? Live your Dream!? Change the World!? Change Yourself!? Live your Potential!?…

If you suffer in Life, open your eyes and look within you. Maybe you will find that you already have grown wings to fly, but are still attached to the ground with a rope made out of fear and ignorance. No Wonder that the Wind of life creates tension between your Wings of Awareness and your Attachments, Believes and Conditioning.

What is your attitude right now towards life and especially towards your inner self, thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations? Some attitudes are: opened or closed, doubting or believing, positive or negative, indifferent or caring, loving or hating, liking or disliking, relaxed or tense, easy going or controlling, simple or complicated, tolerant or intolerant, destructive or constructive, curious or ignorant.

When our attitude is of negative nature:

It reacts heavily with what we perceive and we feel hurt by reality. That is the reason, why many humans don’t believe in climate change or care for humans, animals and earth equity, because many people actually hate and fear themselves, life, humanity, change and growth. Eventually Humanity will grow up. It always starts with a few. Each awakened human is one baby step in the unity of oneness.

Mostly we can only become successful and popular, if enough people see what we see. If you want to be popular with children, you need to be a child.
Many humans are spiritually still baby’s and so need time, unconditional love and lots of patience from the ones who are already awakened to the fact, that we are all a unity and not just separate individual beings, which is paradoxical of course.

How many great scientist are mostly laughed at, because they think out of the box. How many artists, writers, teachers and pioneers of different fields remain unknown to the public, because many of us are still living in darkness and can see only the shadows of light in their cave. When the shadows are entertaining and according to what people commonly understand, everything is good, as long they can choose between one shadow and another. It is a learning process and it is good the way it is.

Our choices that we believe to make, are like shadows. We choose one shadow and think we made a choice, but our choice is a predictable projection of the source itself. By believing in choices (good and bad), we actually create more separation towards our own self, towards each other and the universe, which creates tension, which creates more suffering and finally more people wake up to the reality of unity and selflessness, because a nightmare isn’t anymore the nice individual dream, which many of us hope to have or to keep. When we recognize our source, we become the choice itself. We open to what we are in essence: Consciousness, Compassion and sharing Oneness. That´s why i say that the Believe, „you need to follow your dreams“ and „make the right choice“ will lead you into more suffering, for the better.

If you are for example a humanitarian or environmentalist, you may think, it is your choice to change the world, but truly it is not. You are born to be that and do what you do. So as more you trust in life itself, as less you will spent time and thoughts on trying to manipulate life or yourself. You will have compassion for the world and all humans including big Cooperation and Donald Trump and be able to function in your position as a humanitarian or environmentalist much more effective and efficient by empowering the source of life itself, which is consciousness, with your awakened awareness.

When our attitude towards our-self and life is neutral :
Everything can be as it is without a need to change something.
If our neutrality is deep enough, we feel a gentle, unconditional loving kindness, through which we perceive even a painful reality, without reacting toxically nor being indifferent but caring, warm and loving. From here we recognize the unity of all and open to true compassion.
The deepest reason, why humanity is fighting wars, polluting the planet and have so much inequity is, that most people are not yet conscious enough to feel the connection to every-thing/one, to love unconditional and to recognize that the self we have, has no self in itself. Our individual self is literally selfless.

Since most people believe to have a choice, they try to control life based on their learned believe-system and conditioning.
If you believe that humans, animals or the earth needs your help, you fight for that and hate usually the other side; creating more hate, separation and fear.
However, once we grow up in our awareness, we become less worried about anything, which has nothing to do with indifference.
Indifference come from having a closed minded/hearted attitude.

Awakened consciousness is an awareness, which grow up in ability to recognize, that all is one and nothing is out of place, not even global warming.

When we see our true nature, we know, that nothing can actually harm or destroy life itself in essence. All material life and matter is a projection of life, an expression of it, but does not contain the actual life or intelligence itself. Like a cup contains the liquid, which gives us life, but the cup isn’t the liquid.

Born in Transnistria (U.D.S.S.R) Former Zen(Rinzai)-Monk (in Eigenji and Sogenji-Japan, Psycho-spiritual Counselor, Zen-Meditation-Master (Ikkyu Zen Dojo) , Singer, Improvisation-Dancer, Hospice-Counsellor, Children Counsellor, Writer.

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