Your purpose and abilities will find You

In life and relationships, at first we learn about what we are not able to do and also what we don’t want. We often fall in love with those, who seem to have or be something, that we too, want to have or be.
Whatever we recognise in others, that we cannot do or don’t have, but want to do, to be or to have; It is usually something, that is inherent in us in some way; But we are not yet aware of it in our selves, resist to see it or both.

Whatever ability is hiding in us, it may be very different and unique in its outcome, so we can not know or see it, until we arrive at that particular stage of self-discovery.

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Sich Verlieben und andere Abhängigkeiten

Ich liebe mich selbst und ich bin wunderschön.
Gott ist die Stille Gewahrsamkeit in mir, in Dir, in All-em.
Ich liebe Gott in mir, in Dir, in Allem.
Meditation meditiert mich, noch bevor ich geboren wurde. Ich muss nichts tun, außer mich an das zu erinnern, was schon immer da ist und Hier und Jetzt gerade wirkt.

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Take the right Choice!? Live your Dream!? Change the World!? Change Yourself!? Live your Potential!?…

If you suffer in Life, open your eyes and look within you. Maybe you will find that you already have grown wings to fly, but are still attached to the ground with a rope made out of fear and ignorance. No Wonder that the Wind of life creates tension between your Wings of Awareness and your Attachments, Believes and Conditioning.

What is your attitude right now towards life and especially towards your inner self, thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations? Some attitudes are: opened or closed, doubting or believing, positive or negative, indifferent or caring, loving or hating, liking or disliking, relaxed or tense, easy going or controlling, simple or complicated, tolerant or intolerant, destructive or constructive, curious or ignorant.

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A paradox view and paradigm-change in understanding Addiction and Laziness

This article is about: what would happen if we accept laziness or addiction as a part of oneself, rather than as an enemy or sickness. Accepting my shadows and recognizing believes, is a choice leading to presence.

The world of Psychology and Coaching often teaches, that addiction comes from being unhappy with your life or being lonely and the solution would be to change your life and start living your dream.
This is only a fraction of the truth.
Such a believe, that we need to change ourself and our life, in order to get free of addiction, is one of the reasons, why there are so many people seeking help with addiction, but mostly end up alone or in a self help-group. The School of Psychology is mostly limited to the mind and the success-rate is extremely low. Just to give You one example:

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The base-root of all ego-identification is the believe, that we are the body, the thinking and that any kind of sensations, feelings, joy, pain, addiction or desire happens inside of my-self and therefore is happening to “me”

Stop thinking, positive thinking or controlling the mind is way different, than to question our believes altogether.