Bad News…You are on the wrong Path!

You are not enough.
You are worthless.
You don’t deserve love.
You should feel ashamed of yourself and feel guilty for not being happy, for not being and doing the best and for not living your dreams or not having any dreams or purpose in your life.
You are not a lovable person and many people dislike you. 
So many are much better than you. You have no Talents and the ones you do have, are not important and laughable.
Most people are better looking, more successful, more confident, integer, sufficient, controlled, less angry and emotional, less addicted and overall much more happy and intelligent, then you.
Your life is a disaster. You are a succession of unfortunate events.
You worked so hard, to be someone and achieve something, but here you are, a nobody, doing nothing special.
You are not enough and never will be. 
No-one will ever recognize your abilities and talents.
Disappointment is the only thing waiting for you out there and you deserve it.
The best way for You is to just serve others and live a modest life. Don’t step on anybody’s feet, just step aside.
Do not disturb the once, who are in any way better then you.
Try to be not noticed by anybody and become invisible, so you can be the best version of your self-deprecating self.
Since You come so far, let me ask you;
Does this words resonate with You?
If they don’t, you may be in an apathetic, indifferent state, hiding yourself from your feelings. You could stop numbing yourself and face your pain.
If you react to the words with a resistance, irritation, sadness, anger or confusion, you might want to take time, to feel the pain behind your chest and solar plexus area, but without your regular negative thoughts. Instead just breath.
Are you identifying yourself with your emotions, thoughts and believes?
Feel how you believe, that this emotions are You. In truth, they are not you. You are the observer. You just think them to be you.
See how tight you hold on to them. Its because as long you hold them tightly, you dont need to face the fear and pain directly.
You keep the emptiness inside you occupied with pain and drama, so you don’t need to face it. This way only creates more suffering.
I invite you, to gently turn inwards and face your pain, without negative thoughts and try to less numb yourself with any action or substance. (food, people, work, buying, sex, drugs and so on ) This evolutionary process takes time, so be gentle and patient.
If you smiled, while reading this words, you already know, that life is a journey from hell to heaven, in which we all participate as unity, but some go ahead, in duality.
And last but not least;
If you read so far, you defiantly are ahead.
Are you in a hurry or what..?
Thank you for your presence,
Thank you for reading,

Thank you for sharing

Love you


Born in Transnistria (U.D.S.S.R) Former Zen(Rinzai)-Monk (in Eigenji and Sogenji-Japan, Psycho-spiritual Counselor, Zen-Meditation-Master (Ikkyu Zen Dojo) , Singer, Improvisation-Dancer, Hospice-Counsellor, Children Counsellor, Writer.

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